Part 1—-Review the Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicators.
Select one leading health indicator and research a state-level health prevention program aimed at achieving it.
Locate your state’s vital statistics and/or census data to compare the outcomes of the selected leading health indicator.
Evaluate the state-level program’s effectiveness in meeting the Healthy People 2020 goals based on your statistical and census data findings.
Determine if there is evidence in your community of alignment to the Healthy People 2020 goals through local programs and funding.
Explain the evidence by providing links, a description, and summary of the program(s). -875 words
PART 2—-
Understanding diseases present within the community allows public health nurses to prioritize health promotion and disease prevention strategies.
Analyze infectious diseases by:

Defining epidemiology, outbreak, incidence, and prevalence
Evaluating the role of nursing within epidemiology
Evaluating current infectious diseases locally, statewide, and nationally
Associating three of the most current infectious diseases with Healthy People 2020 objectives
Analyzing evidence-based practices aimed at reducing infectious diseases

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