Research Project 1– Draft and Workshop Essay Guidelines Essay 1 asks students to examine an important social or political change and how rhetoric (written, composed, oral acts of persuasion) moved collective groups of people toward great change. This is primarily an INFORMATIVE essay. Students do not need to “convince” us who was “right” or “wrong” in the conflict or where the student (as author) stands on the politics of the moment. The essay needs to demonstrate how rhetoric enacts change. The essay, then, needs to be composed in two sections: Section 1: Provide context for the historical moment/change. What lead up to this? What were some of the great consequences of this time? Who was involved? What lasting impact did this have on society/the world/humanity? What change occurred? Section 2: Provide examples of rhetoric that helped encourage this change. Consider examining one large work or 3-4 briefer moments/works. Help us understand the context for these pieces and how their composition inspired great change. Please also try to analyze these examples for their use of PATHOS. PLEASE REVIEW: Modules–Essay Writing Materials before drafting the essay! The Short Essay Guide and Essay Rubric will be particularly helpful. Requirements: Thesis/introduction that states the change and examples of rhetoric No less than 6 pages with a separate Works Cited sheet



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