excel functions formula pivots chart

Hello, Attached are the spreadsheet, the instructions and rubrics grading scale to complete this assignment.
Due Date: Dec 8 at 09:00AM (eastern time)
Please be sure to use Excel functions in the cells
Excel Fundamentals – Formulas—

Levels of Achievement:

Excellent 20(33.33%) points
Good 14 (23.33%) points
Average 10 (16.67%) points
Unsatisfactory 4 (6.67%) points
Incomplete 0 (0%) points

Excel Fundamentals – Naming Cells—

Levels of Achievement:

Excellent 5(8.33%) points
Good 4 (6.67%) points
Average 3 (5%) points
Unsatisfactory 2 (3.33%) points
Incomplete 0 (0%) points

Documentation – Accuracy—

Levels of Achievement:

Excellent 15(25%) points
Good 10 (16.67%) points
Average 7 (11.67%) points
Unsatisfactory 5 (8.33%) points
Incomplete 0 (0%) points

Chart Formatting—

Levels of Achievement:

Excellent 20(33.33%) points
Good 17 (28.33%) points
Average 15 (25%) points
Unsatisfactory 10 (16.67%) points
Incomplete 0 (0%) points

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