Portion of a paper

Due NO later than May 26,2017 Friday @ 11 PM Pacific Standard Time Zone
2 pages long and need to include References & Citations. Included is a document that contains resources and must use two of those resources to obtain information from. Also included is the case study to draw information from. Please use info from these two somewhere in the paper
Give a short analysis of each bullet point below. Use the Internet, or case study attached or the links from the attached word document.
•  Explain & Analyze the generic business strategies, including cost, differentiation, and focus or hybrid information, for the selected firm.
•  Analyze what business strategies the firm is using in their marketplace approach. Provide examples of how they use the strategy to position itself in a competitive environment. Include an analysis of key elements of the overall business strategies that ford is using in their marketplace approach and summarize the findings.



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