Family Friendly Financial Control System- IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT – MAS4786
IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT – Family Friendly Financial Control System
A project title of “Family Friendly Financial Control System”. This is also to appear as the overall project summary at the top of your “WBS” in the mpp file. It must appear as task 0 with WBS number 0. All tasks should be “indented” according to the WBS structure described in the case study (see table 2). See the Microsoft Project practicals for details about how to add the project title and how to make it the overall project summary.
A WBS column before the “Task Name” column and a WBS Predecessors column after the “Task Name”
The milestones are to appear at the end of the task list in your schedule. See the notes after table 2 for more details about the project milestones. (Note that this is not always a requirement in a project schedule. Milestones can be embedded in the schedule or listed at the start. In this assignment you are required to add them at the end).
Chris Parsons has also asked you to use a “customised WBS code” for the milestones. For example, if you double click on the first milestone, you can change the WBS code to M1 as illustrated in the screenshot below.

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