Student identifies an organization/unit in which they have personal experience and/or exposure, and examines an organizational change that should be communicated to both internal and external stakeholders.  (*If a topic cannot be identified, students can use one provided).  As part of the strategic communication plan, students will need to address the following:
1.Identify the internal and external constituents.
2.Evaluate what communication methods and channels are most appropriate for each.  Explain why.
3.Determine the leadership approach to the communications for each group that is most appropriate.  Explain why.
4.Develop a communication plan based on the following timeline:  immediate launch; one week post initial messaging; one month post initial messaging.
5.As part of the plan, students will need to identify the key messaging.  The plan should include a minimum of four different methods that can be used to deliver the message.  This includes written, oral and multi-media presentations.  The student will need to evaluate why each method was selected for the different constituent groups. 
6.Students will also need to develop evaluation criteria.   For this section, students will need to establish communication methods for evaluating the reaction of the different constituents and how that will be incorporated for future communications.
7.Students will need to reference course concepts and readings and demonstrate that you are applying such scholarly knowledge into their plan development.   The final plan should be compiled into a document between 8 – 10 pages. 


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