Do you tend to speak up? Identify a context or situation in which you tend to speak up or refrain from speaking up. Discuss why you choose to speak up or not to speak up in that particular context.
In crafting your response, consider how factors such as personality, feelings, family, culture, education, and/or societal pressure may affect your decision.
professor feedback:
Han,You raise a lot of interesting points, but it is not really clear yet to the reader what specific factor influenced your not speaking up. It sounds like you are saying it was the workplace atmosphere that only focused on productivity, paired with gender expectations — however, you need to make that more obvious by stating it clearly in the thesis statement as well as when you are discussing it. I also marked a few mistakes on the document.
requirement:please use the professor’s feedback and the pdf feedback to edit my draft 2 to final draft.
Please meet all the requirements of my professor in the feedback.

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