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You work as an Android mobile application developer for Stephen Stills who owns Deja vu Incorporated (DVI). Stephen was notified about a security problem with DVI’s mobile applications concerning unauthorized user access to application data. The problem involves permissions. Stephen asks you to write him a memo that provides information about how to solve this security problem.

Find and read at least one reference from the Internet from within the past 3 years about Android mobile application permissions – not what users should, but what developers should do.
Write a short business memo to Mr. Stills (about 350 words) that covers at least three issues developers should consider about permissions when developing Android mobile applications.
For each issue, include a diagram that provides an example of code that shows how the permission issue is implemented (Refer to the Rubric for diagram requirements).
Make sure you explain each diagram in the text of your memo.
Your memo must include in-text citations and a reference list for at least two references; one can be the textbook.
Improper English, misspellings, and poor grammar result in lower grades.

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