Assignment 2: Organizational Metrics Presentation
Using metrics in the workplace is one of the functions that differentiate the industrial/organizational (I/O) field from other similar fields of study. Rather than only using best practices, industrial/organizational (I/O) professionals also rely heavily on measurements and research, using data and theory to effect change.
For this assignment, you have been asked to select an instrument to measure a workplace issue and present your recommendation to the board of directors. You will have only about 5–7 minutes to present your case for an instrument, as an introduction to services you may provide later. To get ready, you are first going to present to your classmates.
Prework: Choose a Workplace Issue and a Metric

Choose one of the following workplace issues to use as a basis for your assignment.

Individual Performance Evaluation
Employee Satisfaction
Employee Engagement
Identification of Candidates for Management Positions
Training Outcomes
Job-Related Skills Testing
Aptitude Testing

Identify a metric (or instrument) that could be used to assess the workplace issue. The metric or instrument should be specific. For example, if the situation was using personality testing to form teams, you would select a specific instrument, such as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.
Part I: Develop the Presentation
Include the following in your 5- to 7-minute presentation

Identify the selected metric and explain its structure and application, specifically addressing how the metric relates to the issue you selected.
Discuss the reliability and validity of the metric.
Provide an example of how the metric can be used in the workplace.
Explain any limitations to using the selected metric.

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