This Discussion Forum is an area for the completion of your group project, both individual and group components. In addition to general discussion of the group, there are requirements as outlined below to demonstrate group participation of each member. While the forum is used for general discussion and collaboration, the following sections must be completed to receive credit. Your participation in this forum is directly related to the grade you receive in the group project.· Individual Posting Portion: 1–2 page word document; Students are required to post to the forum their individual portion of the group project. This individual portion will demonstrate the student involvement and will be incorporated into the studentâ€s grade.
Individual PortionOne of the main principles of food and beverage pairing is balance and complementary flavors. Decide on a winery or a brewery (not both) and:
Choose 5 wines from the wineries portfolio or 5 beer styles from the breweries portfolio.Describe the components of each wine or beer chosen, their flavor profiles and their production methods.List 2 dishes that would pair with each wine or beer chosen and why you would pair them (a total of 10 dishes, 2 for each wine/beer chosen)
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