fundamentals of human resource management employee selection

1. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Employee recruiting and selection methods introduced in Chapters 5 and 6 of Fundamentals of Human Development (5th edition) include recruiting strategies, selection applications, employment tests, interviews, background investigations, and medical or physical examinations. These recruiting and selection methods contribute to the person-job fit which hrm uses. The items that the employer reviews for this match are the candidate’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies to find the correct quality candidate for the advertised position (Dessler, 2019, p. 155), preventing negligent hiring. The staffing process results in employee retention and employee engagement (Dessler, 2019, p. 78).
Select the method that you feel is most useful in recruiting or selection and discuss the reliability and validity of the method you select. Discuss what the strengths and weaknesses of the selected method are.
2.Reply to your classmates. Be constructive and professional in your responses.
There is a few methods that I feel can be useful when recruiting. One method is trying to hire people through referrals. I feel this method is even more important depending on the industry you are in as well. Just an example, but when I worked in the PCB Industry this was a very small but specific field. Being able to get referrals was huge, because we could bring people with knowledge of the industry and this would make the transition of hiring and bringing people in much smoother. The times we brought at walk-ins or people in through agencies it would tend to take longer to get them accustomed to the job and just understanding the industry as a whole. Another good method is interviewing. One thing I found helpful during interviews was asking questions that relate to certain tasks that they will be doing when hired. So for instance, when hiring someone for shipping/receiving we would ask them questions such as are the familiar with using UPS, Fed Ex, truck couriers, etc… Then we would ask for examples of the experience they had in these areas to see it they correlate with position were looking to fill. Overall, there are many methods for recruiting, but these were just a few that I found useful in my own personal experience
3.Reply to your classmates. Be constructive and professional in your responses
I think for me the most effective way to narrow candidates down to who you want to interview and then eventually hire is by having a valid test for every applicant to take. I believe that by ensuring that the test that your HRM utilizes is valid for the company and also knowing what you are attempting to gather from the test is vital. I know if I apply for a position and have to take the test I immediately question what the hiring manager is attempting to gather from the test. One of the areas that having applicants take a test that can make you question the validity and reliability of the test is you are unsure if the applicant is answering the questions honestly or if they are just answering them how you believe they want to be answered. I believe one way to combat this is by having the applicants take a test that is not just 10-20 questions but a test that asks the questions in different formats that takes the applicant time to answer. If the applicant is serious about the position they will take the required time to answer the question and by having the questions asked in multiple different formats you should have a more valid truthful answer.

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