Students will be reading and gathering notes from a set of five (5) journal articles. These journal articles include:

“Safety Impacts of Access Management Features Near Roundabouts” by Priyanka Alluri, Albert Gan, Andres Diaz, and Ruth Steiner,
“Safety Evaluation of Roundabouts in Georgia” by Franklin E. Gbologah, Angshuman Guin, and Michael O. Rodgers,
“On-Road Evalation of Emission Impacts of Roundabouts” by Shauna L. Hallmark, Bo Wang, Abhisek Mudgal, and Hillary Isebrands,
“Impact of Geometric Factors on the Capacity of Single-Lane Roundabouts” by Mark T. Johnson and Ting-Li Lin, and
“How Roundabout Entry Design Parameters Influence Safety” by Jan Novak, Jiri Ambros, and Jindrich Fric. When

gathering notes, students should avoid simply copying and pasting passages from the journal articles but rather focus on ((expressing the thoughts)) in the students’ own words. While doing this, passages may be copy and pasted (within quotes) and properly referenced but these must accompany an explanation of the passage/section as developed by the student. The point is to display knowledge and understanding.

note: each article in a separate page.
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