Generate 10 Questions And respond About The Article
The attached file is an presentation, please make 10 potential questions that the instruction might ask about it and answer them.
Recommendation #6: White Nationalist behaviors should be added to the list of Homegrown Violent Extremist behaviors under Category C due to the history of violence and aggressive actions of those who are active in White Nationalist groups, or hold the beliefs of those White Nationalist groups, but are acting alone.
Rationale for Key Findings:
· In 2017, the National Counterterrorism Center formulated behavioral indicators on homegrown violent extremists, ranging from highly diagnostic to minimally diagnostic. Behaviors indicating that someone holds the beliefs of White Nationalism, or has aligned themselves with a White Nationalist group should be added to Category C, or the minimally diagnostic category, because many recent acts of Homegrown Violent Extremism have originated from White Nationalists; however, being a White Nationalist on its own does not indicate a future Homegrown Violent Extremist, many other diagnostic indicators are also needed.(National Counterterrorism Center, 2017)
· Major homegrown violent extremist attacks from White Nationalists have already occurred both across the globe and at home. Major examples of this include the recent attack on 2 Christchurch, New Zealand Mosques that killed 50 people,( and the 2017 Charleston, S.C. massacre on an African-American church that killed 9 people. Attacks by White Nationalists seem to target racially significant locations, so adding white nationalist behavioral indicators to the indicators list could help counter-terrorist efforts to detect and protect locations that could be a white nationalist target.
· White Nationalist groups are rising significantly both domestically and across the globe. In the United States, White Nationalist groups increased 48% in just one year. In 2017, there were 100 reported White Nationalist groups in the U.S. By 2018, there was 148 reported White Nationalist Groups. With issues like immigration coming to the forefront of U.S. political discussion, especially through sensationalized stories about “caravans” invading the U.S, more people will be incited, and this trend will continue. While many people joining a White Nationalist Group will never commit a violent act in their life, some will, and some of the groups as a whole have the potential to become violent. Because of this, joining a White Nationalist group specifically, should be added to the list of Category C behavioral indicators
· Many political issues motivate people to join White Nationalist groups, or hold the beliefs of a White Nationalist. The most popular of which include resistance to Affirmative Action, resistance to notions of being liable for “White Privilege” and the belief that “White Genocide” is occuring. While espousing these political beliefs on their own aren’t a terrorist behavior, or even necessarily indicate a White Nationalist, when combined with certain inherent character traits, they might be. Three traits in particular are especially common among White Nationalists: Machiavellianism, Psychopathy, and Narcissism. This combination of traits will often result in aggressive behavior. Most of the time, this aggression plays out online through political belittling, or cyberbullying. Occasionally, it results in physical violence. Because of this, the combination of aggressive online behavior, White Nationalist character traits, and White Nationalist political views should be added to Category C of the indicators.
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