maths lab homeworkMarch 18, 2021

write about the HongKong protest the climax (which is occurred in August 25) students and employees go on strike, and the airport shut down..
In 700 words .. write about those claims downs there

Follow a Current/Ongoing Global Issue: Agree on your Global Issue and keep a Journal or ‘diary†of your chosen global news/issue by consulting newspapers and weekly news magazines (major newspapers and magazines containing good international coverage are available in the Library). Keep a regular set of notes and comments on what you have read, recording your thoughts and/or reactions as the issue unfolds. For your group report, you will together write up your findings:

 Main findings on the issue arising out of compiled “Journal” of notes and comments,
ï‚· Different dimensions of the issue as reported and how this helps you to relate to materialcovered in textbooks or journal articles with which you are familiar,
ï‚· Write a report on your main findings and reflect on what you have learned about this realworld issue over the course of two months or so.PS: Whilst you are free to choose any global issue you want, try not to diverge too far away from topics that will be covered or related to those covered during the course eg Trade, Technologies, Transnationals, Migration, Conflict, Climate Change, Income and Gender Inequalities etc.

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