Book Review – Forces of Labor; WORKERS’ MOVEMENTS AND GLOBALIZATION SINCE 1870 Author: BEVERLY J. SILVER Length: 1000 words Instructions: Write a review of Beverly Silver’s Forces of Labor Since the review will be short, you need to think carefully about what the main points of the book really are and avoid everything that is not absolutely essential to the arguments presented in the book. This “bare bones” approach will help you to develop the theoretical tools you can use to analyze the material in subsequent course units. Best way to figure out what the review should include/look like – follow the link to the how-to-review-link below. When you read Silver’s book, you will find that it is dense, drawing on a life’s worth of researching. Yet, I find that she’s pretty clear what her main line of argument is, it’s just that that rests on layers of arguments and facts. For the review, focus on the main line, don’t get side-tracked.


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