The Gospel According to Mary (NOTE: Magdalene–not Jesus’ mother)
The Infancy Gospel of James
Infancy Gospel of Thomas
Gospel of Peter
The Gospel of Thomas
The Gospel of the Hebrews
You must answer these questions from materials found in the above sites. REMEMBER that when you answer these questions you must type the verse out (or cut and paste) in which you find the answer and then you must cite the reference (gospel name + reference).
1. What was the alleged name of Mary’s (the mother of Jesus) father and mother?
2. What was Joseph’s tomb (in which Jesus was laid to rest) called?
3. What did Jesus allegedly do when his father Joseph was making a bed and cut one of the boards shorter than the other?
4. Who supposedly lived at the temple until they reached puberty?
5. Why did Jesus raise Zeno from the dead?
6. Of what woman were the disciples jealous? Why were they jealous of her?
7. What happened when Jesus was going through the village and a running child bumped his shoulder?
8. What role did the centurion Petronius play in the Jesus story?
9. What did his disciples reportedly answer when Jesus asked of his disciples to compare him to something and tell him what he was like?
10. How many clay birds did Jesus make fly? Why was Jesus criticized for doing this?
11. What did Salome doubt and how was she punished for her lack of faith?
12. What happened when Jesus’ teacher was frustrated and struck him on the head?
13. What gospel portrays Joseph as an old man with sons from a previous marriage?
14. How did Jesus respond when Peter asked him to make Mary leave?
15. When Jesus was six years old, his mother sent him to get water. What happened?
16. Who reported this saying of Jesus that Jesus’ mother was the holy spirit who took him to the mountain Tabor?  In what non-canonical Gospel is it supposed to have been found? 
17. What did Joseph say and do when he came home from his building projects and found Mary six months pregnant? In what way did he liken Mary to Eve?
18. Why did Thomas the Israelite write about Jesus? To whom was he writing?
19. Why, when Mary turned twelve, was there a meeting of the priests? How did the priests ultimately resolve this crisis?
20. When Peter caused Mary to weep (because he thought she was simply making things up, what did Levi say to Peter?

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