View this video for a better understanding of what is a social issue / problem 
Speak About Social Issues in English (Links to an external site.)
Place close attention to the key concepts discuss in the video. This video will provide an overview of what is a social issue or problem. 
Paper objectives: 
Understanding social equality, injustice, economic disadvantages, discrimination, health care, pollution, drugs, etc. 
For this assignment, the student will identify a current social issue within the US. The student will prepare a three-page paper APA format excluding the title and reference page covering the following information.   The paper must address each of the following: 
Title page APA format
Contents of paper 
1- What is the social issue you have selected to discuss in this paper? 
2- Why did you choose this social issue?
3-How does the social issue affect America today? 
4- Have you been affected by the social issue or problem you selected? 
5- What is the government doing to fix the social issue? 
6- What is your suggestion(s) for fixing the social issue you have selected? 
Reference page APA format.
Remember Wikipedia is not an academic source. Do not use Wikipedia for this paper. 
Write in 3rd person as this is an academic paper. 
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