Harsha dis 2 635 | Information Systems homework help

Please provide references of solution separately for each question.
Q1. The readings for this week discuss different aspects of the alignment between IT and the rest of the organisation.
How important is IT-Business alignment?  What do you think are effective ways to achieve IT-Business alignment?  Why is IT-Business Alignment so difficult?
Please provide references of solution separately for each question.
IT impact on Competitive Forces
Q2. The readings talk about the Five Competitive Forces. Give an example of how IT influenced strategy (or could influence strategy) for the competitive forces in your company (or a company you have worked for). If you can’t think of an example from your company you can use other examples from you experience. Talk about the particular competitive force you think was impacted.
Provide enough detail so that others can understand your points even if they are less familiar with your industry.
the links for reference: 
7 ways to effectively ensure IT-business alignment



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