Health Statistics and Populations

The following website will aid you in completing this Assignment:
Utilizing the US Preventive Services Task force site:
Recommendations for Primary Care Practice. (n.d). Retrieved from
The same information found at AHRQ in a more

user friendly
Section 2. Recommendations for Adults. (2014, June 25). Retrieved from sure the information is the most current from these sites.
You will need to create a chart that illustrates Adult screenings, Grades A, and B: preventative care measures for individuals ranging from age 21–65. You do not have to include Grade C, pregnancy recommendations or pediatric recommendations. You should not include Grade D or

The chart should include:
● Adult Immunization recommendations●


recommendations- be sure to break this out clearly as to what is being screened at the

visits.● Prevention counseling● Cancer screening recommendations (cervical, breast, colon, lung) Other preventative services (dental care, vision care)
There should be sufficient information as to what the screening is. Look up examples of prevention guideline charts to help you get some ideas. Be sure your content and information is current per the required source above and is not content based on examples that you may find for ideas on design alone. These may be outdated.Please include gender and age groups in your chart data. There is no narrative. This assignment consists of a title page, a

and a reference page.
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