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Use your Essentials of Health Care Finance e-book to complete the following:

Read Chapter 16, “Management Control Process,” pages 355–378.
Read Chapter 17, “Cost Variance Analysis,” pages 379–402.

Use the Capella library to read Silber et al.’s 2014 article, “A Hospital-Specific Template for Benchmarking Its Cost and Quality,” from Health Services Research, volume 49, issue 5, pages 1475–1497.
please use apa format for citatation
Discuss internal benchmarks and how benchmarking is performed at the department level. Explain how a COO may use internal benchmarks to identify best practices within his or her organization
Discuss how an organization would use external benchmarks to measure and monitor performance. Provide an example of a reputable source for obtaining benchmark data, which is comparable for the specific type of organization selected
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