Graded LP1 Assignment: Communication Strategies Essay
In this assignment, you will integrate your answers from Learning Activities 3 and 5 into an essay. Compose an essay in which you describe the strategies you will employ when responding to the scenario from learning activity #3.

Communicator Strategy – your communicator strategy needs to include general, action, and communication objectives.
Audience Strategy – your audience strategy needs to reflect consideration of those who will be listening to your presentation.
Message Strategy – correctly define your message strategy as “direct” or “indirect” and present your reasons for this choice.
Channel Choice – correctly and thoroughly explain your channel choice.
Culture Strategy – address all issues which may stem from the diversity present in your audience and explain how you will adjust your message to meet the needs of your audience.

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox “LP1 Assignment: Communication Strategies Essay.” This assignment is worth 65 points and will be graded according to the following scoring guide.
Points/Grading Criteria [65 points possible]


10 – 0
The communicator strategy includes defined general, action and communication objectives.

10 – 0
The audience strategy is thorough addressed, with a focus on what the audience feels and what will persuade them.

10 – 0
The message strategy is correctly defined as “direct” or “indirect.”

10 – 0
The channel choice strategy is correct and thoroughly explained.

10 – 0
The culture strategy is addressed and the message is adjusted to meet the needs of the audience.

15 – 0
Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation are used throughout the essay.

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