This is list not exhaustive.   If you are interested in a topic that is NOT listed here but comes from the times and places covered by History 112, please message me.    Topics that cover non-US history events or that occur before or after the chapters covered by the course (like the Civil War or 9/11) aren’t allowed.
Civil Rights and Social Justice topics:

Immigration/Treatment of Immigrants (pick a decade for both your sources to come from)
Workers and Progressive Reform (again, pick a decade)
Civil Rights Movement
Women’s Rights Movement

America and the World topics:

American Imperialism around the turn of the 20th c.
America and the World War I Peace Process
America in World War 2

Government and Economics topics:

The Great Depression (New Deal)
Other specific Presidential Agendas like the Square Deal, Great Society
Economic Crisis in the 1970s/early 80s
The Cold War (either early cold war in late 40s-early 60s or late cold war (Vietnam on)

Cultural topics:

The Harlem Renaissance
The Beat Poets/Post-War Culture
The Counter-Culture of the 1960s, early 70s

These are all BROAD topics and they are often inter-related.   Start by reading your textbook on the topic.   Your book will mention people, legislation, etc.  Those terms are great places to start searching for primary sources.   For example, if the book mentions a supreme court ruling, search for the original text of that ruling.  Or if it mentions a poet or novelist, see if you can find their work….     Make sure you can find sources before committing to a topic!
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