History – Criminology
Must be 300 words #H2Q7:
America felt growing pains in the late 1800s, many of which were negative experiences. What influenced urban blight (e.g., standardized housing, abandoned buildings, parts of cities falling into decrepitude due to crime) in the decades around the turn of the century, and was industrial expansion a positive or negative impact? In your response, make sure to address the experience of rising immigrant communities and living in tenement structures.
Must be 300 words #H4Q2:
Discuss the changing economic landscape of the United States between the world wars. In your response, trace the highs and lows from the fallout of World War I, the onset of the Great Depression, and the impact of the New Deal. How did these trends have an impact on marginalized communities?
Scholarly Activity #4:
Please select one of the following: the Chicago Area Project, the Mobilization for Youth, or the War on Poverty.
Within your scholarly activity, include responses to the following points:
· Explain the particular policy you chose and the effect it has had.
· Was it effective in fighting crime, preventing crime, or both?
· From your perspective, what could make this more effective?
· What were the disadvantages to this particular project?
· Explain the policy that influenced this project.
Your scholarly activity must be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. You are required to use at least two outside sources; one source must be from the CSU Online Library.
Scholarly Activity #5:
For this scholarly activity, you will explain the link between crime patterns, trends, and theory. Referencing Chapters 7 and 8, you will focus on social criminological theories and their relation to crime rates.
Select two theories (one from Chapter 7 and one from Chapter 8), and include responses to the following points in your scholarly activity:
· Explain the theories (one to two paragraphs for each theory). In your explanation, include how these would either raise or lower the crime rate and your rationale as to why.
· Explain how peer groups, families, and social organizations positively or negatively affect your theory.
· Explain your thoughts on the theories as far as their applicability to explain crime. Do you think these are relevant? Why, or why not? Is there anything missing that would make them explain crime better?
Your scholarly activity must be a minimum of two pages in length. Outside sources are not a requirement; however, if you choose to use outside sources, they must be cited and referenced.
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