Q 1 The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Compare website (www.hospitalcompare.hhs.gov) allows you to compare performance at hospitals throughout the United States. Go to this site and search for hospitals within 25 miles of your location (zip code – where you live/reside). Pick three hospitals that appear to be closest to where you live and compare their performance. Which hospitals rate highest in each of these measurement categories?. Note: Provide the names of these hospitals and include the zip code used in your homework response. If data is missing, please report it as missing in your responses. (5 points )

Survey of patients’ experiences
Timely and effective care
Readmissions and deaths
Use of medical imaging
Payment and value of care

Q2: Which performance categories AND measures in these are most important to you to influence your decision as a consumer or patient? Why? (5 points)
Q 3 Are consumers/patients using the data on the CMS Hospital Compare website to select a hospital? If not, what other factors might influence consumer choice? (5 points)
Q 4: You are the director of a laboratory that tests specimens like blood, urine and other body fluids. Provide an example of a measure for each of IOM’s 6 domains for quality. (hint – recollect class exercise). Do indicate the numerator, denominator and what you will be measuring. ( 5 points)
zipcode is 21227. Halethrope
Spelling and grammar will be counted into your grade including use of APA 6.0 format.


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