How can I make this essay more argumentative? examples? What else should I add as a 3rd paragraph?

How can I make this essay more argumentative?
What else should I add as a 3rd paragraph?
The article it comes from basically states how texting doesn’t affect writing in students from valuable recourses but lots of school teachers still think it does, the author tired it out herself and she came to the conclusion that texting doesn’t have an affect either.
                                                          Does Texting Affect Writing?
       Today we live in a world which is filled with technology. Technology has changed our lives in many different ways, and one of those ways is the way we communicate. Nowadays we don’t have to look through the yellow phone book to find someone, we can just simply search them up on our phone to get in touch with them. No longer do we have to make those uncomfortable phone calls from a house phone because we now have these small devices in which we can easily text out of. Texting has been a blessing in a variety of ways but many are concern by whether we have lost the ability to grammatically write the way we once used to.
       I believe that Michaela Cullington’s argument in this article is persuasive towards the fact that texting does not affect our writing. Personally, I agree with Cullington because she decided to take matter into her own hands throughout the text and got reliable feedback from experts’ standpoint on this argumentative topic that supported her. She even decided to conduct her own research by getting students and teachers to share their personal perspectives on this matter. According to Cullington “In the book Txting: The Gr8 Db8, David Crystal discusses a study that concludes that texting actually helps foster “the ability to summarize and express oneself concisely” in writing (168). Furthermore, Crystal explains that texting actually helps people to “sharpen their diplomatic skills… [Because] it allows more time to formulate their thoughts and expresses them carefully” (168).” (364). This source makes the debatable topic easy to lean towards her side of the argument. Cullington also used another method, in which she conducted to compare twenty samples of student writing- end-of-semester research arguments written in two first-year college courses with a variety of instructors. Her findings were that students recognize the difference between texting friends/family and writing formally, she also found that most students don’t even use text peak in formal writing. To correspond to this, Cullington states that a research was done in the University of Illinois by Dennis Baron which concludes that students do not textspeak or use abbreviations in formal writing nor texting.
       To conclude, Cullington takes a convincing perspective in ensuring that there is an elaborate connection with the audience. According to the information given in the study, the author does use a demanding attitude in putting her ideas that concern the possible effects of texting on formal writing. She uses a variety of methods that provide more validity to the argument she was making. With all the comparison Cullington gathers, it makes everything fall to leaning to her side of the argument. Such comparisons between her experiences and the teacher’s experiences are to make it easy to an understandable level for any reader to read.
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