Part 3: Annotated Literature Review and Supporting Data (20%)
Due at the end of Week 6.
Note: This assignment asks you to locate, read, and summarize ten sources. This takes time. Do not wait until the last minute to complete this assignment!
Using the form below, search for sources that provide data and information on the social problem you have chosen. This will require you to use various sources that are relevant to the problemâ€s origin and evolution, as well as possible recommendations to address or solve the problem. Not all social problems can be solved, but some can be improved to achieve more positive outcomes. You will need to identify and state which of these—solution or improved outcomes—is a possibility for the social problem you have selected to explore.
Specific types of sources are important to the social sciences. UMUC library sociological holdings provide scholarly journal articles presenting qualitative or quantitative research findings on a variety of social problems. The journal Social Problems is a good source for your review.
Sources that are important in social science research are those presenting empirically based qualitative and quantitative data (information).
Sources for Qualitative Data—(verbal, observational)

Ethnographies (research conducted by social scientists using observation and personal interview)
News accounts by nonpartisan, print, television, radio, and Internet-based journalists. Acceptable media sources include national “flagship” newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, as well as electronic media such as National Public Radio (NPR), and Public Broadcast Networks (PBS). The hard news of local newspapers can also be cited.
It is important to note that some of these media outlets often have a political leaning that may color how news stories are reported. It is important to be mindful not only of what is being said, but of what is NOT being said. Opinion and editorials in all newspapers should be avoided because they can be based on opinion rather than empiricism (objective research).

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