What are the 3 most important things you have learned in this course? Why are these things/issues/lessons learned important to you?
Reflect on progress made toward your personal objectives articulated way back in week 1.  Did the important learning you described above relate to these initial objectives?  If so, how? If not, what changed about your priorities in this course.
What has been most enlightening about your personal strengths?  Share 2-3 examples of how you have been using them to your advantage in your academic or professional roles.  Where are your future opportunities?
Describe 1 or 2 things you will do to stay active as an RN in the policy arena.  What do you need to make this happen?
How have you grown as an RN?

-How to advocate for others as a nurse by been active in the policy arena. This was my biggest problem, now I can say I can manage to work through it.
– as a health care professional, I must know how our government work with health care. I was not aware of anything before this course, now I know how to navigate the policy, and if I have questions, I know to contact my state senators and other government officials. I think it is especially important as a nurse to know all this thing if we want to advocate for our patients and families.
– the last one is a leadership part of it. As a new nurse manager, I learned a lot how to lead and how I can be a source for my staff, not only I learn from the course, I also learn a lot from my class mates. Reading their discussion post was one of the best educational process for me. I think in few weeks I got more knowledge to help me for my new leadership position thank ever.
Actually, it is better than my expectation. I learned what I want to learn, and more. Them reading materials are remarkably interesting, I want to be a better leader and educator, I think I put my feet one step forward. I cannot wait for the next course what to bring.
My personal strengths really showed me a lot about myself that I might not describe as it did on the assessment. I always look things to the positive side of it, even the worst situations I must see the positive outcome, and I always give positive feedbacks. My Learner side of me, I knew for years how much I love to learn and give buck what I have. The love of learning is the one thing puts me to choose education as my track for MSN. I believe as nurses we learn every single day from our everyday life, but also grow in education is a key for me, to serve my patients and community. It gives me an opportunity to be a resource for my staff, patients, and families. I think knowing my strength gave more confidence to pursue and continue my education.
Q4 as a nurse I think we need to be involved in policy making, especially when it comes to health care. As I said it before, the main reason I usually went to vote is because of the health care system failure in America. I think if we nurse involve more, we can make a difference. I will try to involve on our district school and state legislation from now on. I used to think what is my voice, how much change can I make? Now I know if I have a good argument, I can have a chance to change or produce a legislation. And as a nurse leader I am sure I will be involved in so many policies making also. The only thing I need to make this happen is just use what I learn from this course and a little courage.
Q5. As an RN I grow tremendously, if it wasn’t for this course, I don’t even know how I would of handle the new position that I took as a beginning of this course. It gives me confidence to put my head up and take the challenge as it comes. Strategies that I learn from this course saved me a lot of hardship for sure. I grow to the better. It is a start but again it is great start.


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