Create an HTML page (it does not have to be a php page, but it can be) that has a form with the following elements:

A way for the buyer to enter their name
A way for the buyer to select among 3 items (you choose the 3 items). The buyer is only buying one item.
A way for the buyer to enter the quantity to buy
A way for the buyer to select the type of credit card for payment
A way for the buyer to enter their credit card number
A way for the buyer to submit their purchase

You should include other text and html within the form tags to make the form look presentable and make it clear to the buyer. Selecting an item and selecting the credit card type cannot use the same form tags.
Create a Php page that will be called to process this form. Assume that item 1 is $5, item 2 is $10 and item 3 is $15. Tax should be included at 6%. You should build a table to return to the user with all of this info in the table. Include other html to make the page look good.

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