A. What is most important or interesting about the dance?

A. What is most important or interesting about the dance? Include facts and information from your research and from personal knowledge. These facts can include: Its’ meaning to its community. The history of the dance. Does it have a religious function? Who usually participates in this dance?  Where is it danced? How is the dance learned? During what social events or special occasions is it danced?  Can you find out anything about how the dance has changed over time? (1 paragraph)
B. Describe the social dance including steps, costumes, partnering, space etc. (1 paragraph.)
C. Describe the performed dance. Focus on how it is different than the social dance and how it is similar to the social dance. Is there a difference in the movement? In the costume? In the space the dance fills? In how partnering or group movement are performed? How do we know we are watching a performance? (1-2 paragraphs)
D. What has to change to put the dance on stage? How does someone recognize this as a performance of the dance, not a social dance?  (1-3 sentences.)
E. What does this dance style mean to you? Why did you choose it? (1 paragraph)
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