Discussion questions due Thursday 11:59AM central time
Assignment due Saturday 11:59PM central time
Please direct contact for the books access
Compensation and Benefits HRM6632
Discussion Board:
Respond to the 3 questions at the end of the Chapter 10 Case: A Health Savings Account at Frontline PR. Make sure to answer all questions in your initial post by Thursday and then discuss the issues with your classmates; your additional discussion can go beyond just the HSA information and you can discuss other benefits related issues you would see as beneficial. 
Workforce Planning and Staffing HRM6622
Complete “Selecting a HR Director” (in Heneman text, chapter 9). This assignment will be assessed using the Functional Knowledge Application Rubric established at the SCOB level. 
Discussion Board:
Review Application #1: Reference Reports and Initial Assessment in a Start-Up Company on page 414/415 of your text. Answer all four questions by Thursday.  After your initial post, you must discuss the issues with your classmates with at least two reply posts. Your responses must have content and support for your opinion.


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