Initial Post: Choose one of the following case studies and indicate which type of sexual harassment the situation would fall under. Explain your choice, and describe what the employee might do next or how the organization might prevent further issues.

Lucia’s coworker, Michael, has just been through a bad break up. He drops comments on a few occasions that he is lonely and needs to find a girlfriend. Lucia and Michael are work friends, and have had lunch together in local restaurants on many occasions. Michael asks Lucia to go on a date with him—dinner and a movie. She likes Michael and agrees to go out with him. She enjoys their date, but decides that a relationship is not a good idea. She thanks Michael for a nice time, but explains that she wants to keep their relationship professional. Michael waits two weeks and then starts pressuring Lucia for more dates. She refuses, but Michael doesn’t stop. He keeps asking her to go out with him. When she complains to their supervisor, Michael promises to remain professional, but instead begins leaving small gifts on her desk with love notes for her.
Jen has applied for a recently vacated position on her team; the position would be a step up and a promotion. She also knows that her boss, Isaiah, is on the hiring committee for the open position. She tells Isaiah that she’s going to apply for the position and that she’s very interested taking on new responsibilities. Isaiah says, “We’ll see. There will be a lot of others interested in the position.” The next day, he asks her to get drinks after work, and she agrees. At the restaurant, he says he can help her get the promotion if she agrees to come back to his house.
Jamal has noticed that his new boss, Matt, leans in extremely close when they are going over the reports that he’s prepared. He has touched Jamal’s shoulder or arm frequently in these meetings. Jamal tries to move away from Matt in these situations, but Matt doesn’t seem to get the message. Before Jamal gets around to complaining to HR, Matt brushes up against his back in the conference room before a meeting. Later, Matt “traps” Jamal in his office after they finish discussing work, by standing between Jamal and the door of the small office. Jamal doesn’t know what to do, so he moves past Matt to get out. As he does so, Matt runs his hand over Jamal’s buttocks.

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