Assignment 1: Assess Best Practices for Global Assignments 
Company ProblemYour next assignment as a human resource consultant with Global Human Resource Consulting, Inc. is to provide coaching to an international company that has been unsuccessful with about half of their global assignments.  Develop recommendations for the company based on best practices for international companies with global assignments.  Your recommendation report should include the following:

Overview of the successes and failures over the last 12 months.
Current process for assigning global assignments.
Current process for supporting and evaluating global assignments.
Recommendations for improvements with assignments, support, and evaluation of the global assignments. 

Length:  4-5 pages, not including the title and reference pages  References:  Include at least 3 scholarly references.
Assignment 2: Explore How to Defer Union Organization
Company Problem
As a consultant with Global Human Resource Consulting, Inc. you have been hired to work with a large car manufacturing company to assist with changes before a union is organized.  There have been a couple of lawsuits related to unfair employment practices, therefore, union development is possible.  The company prefers to work to develop new practices to hopefully defer union organization.  As the consultant, research and analyze the current landscape, and then, recommend five to 10 changes the company can implement to hopeful defer union organization.  Your assignment will include two attachments.  The first attachment will be a workpaper to include the research, analysis, and recommendations.  The second attachment will be a colorful and professional one-page summary of recommendations for presentation to the Board of Directors. 
Length:  4-5 pages, not including the title and reference pages. The summary should be 1 page. 
References:  Include a minimum of 4 scholarly resources.
Assignment 3: Assess Compensation and Benefits
Company Problem
Your next assignment is to assess the current compensation and benefits package for a state public instruction system, also known as the state public school system.  The statewide system has a high staff vacancy rate, much higher than the national average.  The compensation and benefits have not been reviewed in about 20 years.  Create a visual (e.g., chart, graph). to highlight the current benefits and proposed benefits.  Create a second visual (e.g., chart, graph) to highlight the current compensation and proposed compensation.  The visuals should be attractive and professional, with graphs, tables, and/or charts.  For example, one visual can include a table with current benefits.  One column can highlight health insurance, one column dental insurance, one column paid time off, one column with tuition reimbursement, etc. The visuals will be presented to the state superintendent and state school board. 
Length:  Two visuals are required: 1 to 2 pages of content, not including the title and reference pages 
References:  Include at least 3 scholarly references.  
Assignment 4: Develop a Conflict Resolution Guide
Company Problem
Managing a diverse workplace involves a new set of challenges and successes for human resource professionals to manage.  This is a common challenge many organizations face.  The CEO of Global Human Resource Consultants has requested you create a company tool to assist human resource professionals in this area.  After consulting with the CEO and the nine other consultants in the firm you work for, you have decided to create a guide for human resource professionals to use to train supervisors in how do deal with conflict in the workplace.  The guide should be in the form of a flow chart and will serve as a reference for supervisors to use when challenges occur in the workplace. 
Length:  1-2 pages, not including the title and reference pages 
References:  Include at least 2 scholarly references.  
Signature Assignment 5: Conclude Best Practices of Human Resources
The CEO of Global Human Resource Consultants and your other colleagues loved the guide for supervisors to assist them with resolving conflict in the workplace.  Clients have responded well to the resource.  A second request has been made to research and develop some best practices for a high-performing, international organization from a human resource perspective.  The resource will highlight best practices from a human resource perspective in the following areas:

Staffing (Recruitment and Retention)
Compensation and Benefits
Training and Development
Workplace Environment and Culture
Change Management

Length:  8-10 pages, not including the title and reference pages
References:  Include at least 5 scholarly references.  


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