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1.    “Discuss Cynthia Cooper’s role in uncovering the accounting fraud. ”    
2.    “Identify what Arthur Anderson’s role in the scandal.”
3.    “Identify at least three specific Canadian quality control standards that in your opinionwould have affected the outcome had they existed at the time of the scandal.Explain your reason why they would have had an impact.”
4.    Identify at least three Rules of Professional Conduct that have been violated as a result of this scandal? Explain the nature of each violation.
5.    Identify at least two independence threats for Anderson and explain your why they were threats to Anderson’s independence. 
6.    If you were a shareholder of WorldCom at the time, would you have pursued legal action against the auditor? Assuming your answer is yes, under which law or laws would you sue and why?
It needs to be more than 1500 words.
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