For this assignment, I want you to identify a scientific article and analyze the various arguments presented within. Often, focusing on a scientific controversy provides a fun and interesting topic for this analysis, but you donâ€t have to choose an article associated with a controversy. Examples of controversies include: the cathode ray, cause for dinosaur extinction, steady-state vs big bang theory for the origin of the universe, expanding earth vs plate tectonic model, etc. What’s most important here is that you analyze how the author of the text you select portrays science.
Let the following questions guide your analysis:

What is the article about? Who is it intended for?
How does the author portray science? Is it blackboxed and therefore only focuses on the conclusions? Why does the author need to frame science as they have?
What rhetorical practices are at play throughout the article? What function do they serve?
Do these rhetorical practices work? Why or why not? (Use the audience and context of the article as foundations for building your argument)

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