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1: Objective
This lab experiment is an opportunity for you to discover how the material you are learning in class can be applied in a real-world, practical application. In your own words, write an explanation of the theory behind the experiment as they relate to the current chapter and course objectives.
2: Procedure
In your own words, write an explanation of the procedure behind the experiment.Include as much visual aid as possible such as wiring diagram, screenshots and pictures. The procedure must be detailed enough so that someone else can reproduce the lab.
3. Data &Results
Show how results were verified.If any data was collected, list here.Add any visual information that can enhance the quality of your report.
4. Discussion
You and your partners have had the opportunity to work through, by trial and error, each step of the lab experiment. Include an explanation of the errors made and what was done to fix them. Discuss the results of your lab and show how the objectives were met.
5. Conclusion
Summarize the results or your lab and show how the objectives were met.State at least 4 specific outcomes that you were able to achieve during the experiment.

• You will need to print out 1 copy of this cover sheet off of Blackboard for every lab report.
• You will need to print out a checkout sheet off of Blackboard prior to the lab and have it signed by the TA or Instructor.
• Screen shots of graphic displays may be included as well as pictures and samples of programs if applicable.
• Every student is required to fill out their lab report and hand in a hardcopy by the due date. You can and should work on the experiment with your partners to make sure all your data are matching each other’s but you will still be graded on your own lab report and the personal write-up that YOU give.
• Proper nouns must be avoided throughout the report.

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