First, correct any mistakes on your lesson plan template. Highlight these corrections in yellow so your instructor can easily find them. Then, create a learning objective to go with the topic, subtopic, and standard you have chosen. The learning objective must contain a condition, a performance/practice, and a criterion (CPC). Consult the “Tips on Objectives” document in the Assignment Instructions folder to see the correct way to write a learning objective. There is also a presentation on objectives in Module/Week 2 that will be very helpful for completing this section.In order to successfully complete this stage, you will need to do the following:Identify a specific condition (a tool that you will give the students to complete the performance.) For example, “Given a list of 10 double-digit addition problems…”Identify a measurable performance (identify, list, recite, draw, etc.) that you want your students to be able to complete when the lesson is over. For example, “…each student will be able to solve…”Identify a criterion (an acceptable level of performance). For example, “….9/10 of the double-digit problems correctly.”


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