PSY 430 ( Team Dynamics For Managers ) Entire Course
Cohesion and Decision-Making
Identify problem-solving techniques that will facilitate group decision-making.Apply conflict management techniques to group conflicts.Evaluate individual strengths that apply to the group process.
Team Member Roles and Responsibilities
Identify group member roles and responsibilities.Identify the qualities of an effective group leader.Explain methods of managing difficult group members.
Effective Communication in Diverse Groups
Determine appropriate methods of group facilitation.Explain the relationship between group member diversity and communication style.Determine effective use of verbal and nonverbal interaction in groups.Describe the importance of listening and effective listening techniques.
Implementing Team Motivation Strategies and Rewards
Determine appropriate group incentives for reaching goals.Design rewards based on effective group dynamics and desired results.
Group Presentation Tools
Identify advantages and disadvantages of using presentation aids in group presentations.


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