Identify the CRS issues and dilemmas, marketing homework help

Reading a short case and responding to some questions about ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR).  Both sets of questions are at the end of the case “Culture Norms”
You need to separate submitting the two questions which are about ethics and CSR. And each of these two questions need 2 pages.


Identify the CRS issues and dilemmas.

Consider and identify the CSR- focused stakeholders.

Identify and apply appropriate CSR decision-making/ analyses, identify consequences, and explain how these informed decision-making.

Choose a course of action.

Identify CSR actions the company can take 

1. Identify the ethical issues and dilemmas.
2. Consider and identify the stakeholders.
3. Identify and apply appropriate models/frameworks of ethical analyses1 and identify consequences of each2.
1 This area reaches ethical sensitivity as well as Kohlberg’s stages of moral development as they relate to recognizing ethical issues/dilemmas.2 Embedded in this area is the opportunity to address and discuss the cognitive aspects of ethical decision-making, the developing disciplines of Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, and other Psychology disciplines, and the contributions that they have made to understanding ethical decision-making and the psychological impediments to ethical decision-making.
4. Choose a course of action. 


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