Discussion 5.1: Endocrine System Functions1 pagePost your responses to the following questions to the discussion board. If appropriate, include personal experience in your responses.· How is the endocrine system similar to a thermostat? Explain this analogy and include a discussion of homeostasis in your answer.· If you had to choose one gland or resulting hormone to live without, which one would it be and why?· Which gland and/or resulting hormones do you think serve the most important function and why? Include an example from personal experience or a scenario.Discussion 5.1: Stress and the bodyP pageStep 1: Stress continues to have a significant impact on health during middle adulthood, as it did in young adulthood, although the nature of what is stressful may have changed. Psychoneuroimmunologists, who study the relationship between the brain, immune system, and psychological factors, conclude that stress produces three main consequences.· Identify the three main consequences of stress.· Discuss the cultural factors that may influence the body’s reaction to stress· Discuss the gender differences that influence how someone manages stress.The post Identify the three main consequences of stress. appeared first on ukbestwriting.com.

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