If you were a policy advisor for the President of the United States, which two goals would you advocate for in foreign affairs and why?
Write a 1 page, single-spaced policy brief that does the following:
a. Analyze U.S. foreign policy approaches of the Bush (43), Obama (44) and Trump Administrations (45) and critique each.
b. Review the foreign policy articles under Course Documents/Unit 5.
c. Present two foreign policy goals that the U.S. should pursue with reference to one or two of the following areas: North Korea, China, Russia, Syria, the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran), or Latin America. Explain why these areas matter for U.S. national interests.
d. Support your analysis with research and correct citations, focusing on media coverage (newspapers, journals, articles from reputable sources including the above link provided). You need at least three sources (We the People is one source, articles provide other sources). Citations should follow MLA or Chicago in text parenthetical citations with a Works Cited list included at the end of your page (2nd page ok).
e. A comparative article that might be of help is the following on the Canadian approach to ISIS and foreign policy: http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/11/world/canada-isis/index.html

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