Impact of the Affordable Care Act

PHIL 201 – Discussion board assignment: NaturalismJanuary 15, 2021NSG486 Emerging Global Health Issues Related to Mexico PP PresentationJanuary 15, 2021

Respond to the following questions:
1-In what ways is health care different from other consumer purchases?2-What are the challenges of a market driven healthcare system and how can public and private insurances control premiums and co-payments?
Use two to four sources from this weeks required readings
CrashCourse. (2016, April 6). The economics of healthcare: Crash course econ #29 (10:25 minutes) [Video]. YouTube.The Economics of Healthcare TranscriptTEDx Talks. (2018). Healthcare: Is it a right or a luxury? Tarik Sammour, TEDx Adelaide (13:44 minutes) [Video]. YouTube.Healthcare: Is it a Right or a Luxury? TranscriptKaiser Family Foundation. (2012, April 24). Policy and political implications of the Supreme Court case on the Affordable Care Act (1:32 hours) [Video]. YouTube.Affordable Care Act Transcript
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