Importance of communication in a workplace | NURS 6053 – Interprofessional Organizational and Systems Leadership | Walden University

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Every day, and at almost every minute, our work flow changes and so many roles must work together to make it a positive and healthy experience for our patients. Since my workplace ranked as a mildly healthy, there is some civility to the organization. I believe civility is present when management is involved in conflict. For example, if there is an issue between a nurse and a doctor, the manager of my unit will work with both parties to come up with a solution. When it comes to direct co-workers, less civility is present. For example, if a day shift RN is upset over the workload left behind by a night shift RN, staff are known to complain to one another and never directly speak with the other staff member in order to resolve the situation. From there, it creates an environment of hostility and gossip. For me, this incivility is being handled by the co-workers, like myself, who are taking the initiative to stop and redirect the management of those feelings. For example, recently a nurse was upset over medications not being given and interventions not being done by an off going RN. It was also an observed pattern of that staff member. I spoke with the frustrated RN and told them how I would handle that situation and it would be best to address it, away from other staff, when the returning nurse came back to the floor. Luckily, the nurse took my advice and handled the situation with respect. Both nurses came out of the situation in a better place.
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