For this individual work assignment you are to read the article titled “In Defense of Plea Bargaining” by Timothy Sandefur of the Pacific Legal Foundation published in Fall 2003. Document is attached.
Write a two to three page paper on your reaction to this article and whether you believe that plea bargaining is a necessary evil in order for our justice system to work expeditiously and efficiently? What are the alternatives?
This individual written assignment pertains to information covered during chapter 12 of the course textbook. The length of this assignment is 2 to 3 content pages written in proper Word format (excluding title page and reference page—not counted as content pages). The information is to be typed (double spaced) and presented in Times New Roman 12 Pitch Font (APA guidelines apply).
Note: A standard proper written paper consist of an introduction paragraph with clear and concise thesis statement, body paragraphs—that address elements/topics of assignments, and a conclusion paragraph—that reiterate the thesis statement and summarize the content, along with a title page and reference page—APA guidelines do apply; therefore, utilize appropriate academic resources.
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