Create an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that summarizes the Agile Manifesto. I count everything including your title and reference slide. I will deduct points for long or short presentations.
Present at least two points of praise (i.e. Agile principles you believe are positive/productive).
Present at least two points of criticism (i.e. Agile principles you believe are negative/counterproductive).
Contrast the Agile principles with the typical software development practices found in the traditional Waterfall methodology.
Investigate recent professional or academic research regarding the effectiveness of the Agile methodology.
Incorporate additional research or academic information to support your presentation. You must include a reference slide with at least two APA format citations (for the Agile Manifesto and one more resource). References to the required reading or recommended activities are encouraged. Do not exceed 3 resources.
Format your PowerPoint® speaker notes according to APA guidelines.


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