Review your initial post from this week’s discussion activity on computer ethics. Use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a presentation based on your initial computer ethics discussion and associated research. To view a brief ‘How To’ video for creating a PowerPoint file for this assignment, click on the video link below.
In your presentation, you must: 

Identify the key points you want to highlight. 
Create a minimum of three slides in the body of the presentation.

Each slide in the body of the presentation should have no more than three bullet points. 
Each slide must include animation. 

Include graphics, audio, video, or embedded links as needed to support and enhance your topics.

Create a title slide that that includes a topic, your name, instructor’s name, date it was prepared, and the course title. 
Create a reference slide that identifies all sources used within the presentation (including graphics and/or other multimedia) 
Format your references according to APA style as outline in the Ashford Writing Center, and use in-text citations where necessary throughout the body of your presentation.

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