In the results section, you are to write at least one paragraph – although at least two would be best – where you break down the actual data that you got. One thing that is strange about this section is that you DO NOT write what the data means… just what the numbers are. This section also includes the results of the ttest AND should include at least one graph. A table could be helpful, but only in specific circumstances… talk to me about when and where to use one.So, this about a checklist for this section like:one paragraph relating the number results of your study. This would sound like, “300 students were included in the repeated quiz attempt study. Of those 300 students, 145 took each quiz more than twice and 155 had an average quiz attempt of less than two. In addition, of all the 300 students, 33% (or 100 students) received A’s on their tests, 40% scored an A on the final exam, and 43% scored a 90% or more in their overall course score. For the distribution of dependent variable scores, see Table 1, below.”one graph; although more than one graph is probably better.One paragraph describing the graph. This is LITERALLY a boring description of the graph. You need to do this because you cannot assume people know how to read a graph… people are pretty dumb, you know.One paragraph describing your statistical analysis. We worked on ttests and I am not asking you to do any other statistical tests, BUT you must include this one. In the case of my example, since I had 3 dependent variables, I have to do 3 ttests.PreviousNextHow to use Canvas
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