Intellectual Property
Felicia worked part time for Jabil while attending Hillsborough Community College.  As part of her final project for a degree in information technology, Felicia designed a computer program that provided the fastest and most economical methods of retrieving parts for filling customers’ orders from the distribution center.  The program also tracked the locations of the forklift drivers in the warehouse.  Felicia called the program Fast Route & Tracker (FRT).  The program was designed to be used by any type distribution facility and not specifically for Jabil.  When Jabil found out about the software, they claimed they owned the program since Felicia was employed by the company when she developed the program.  Felicia believes she owns the rights to the invention since it was created for her school project and could be used for any type of distribution company.

Provide arguments for Felicia and Jabil regarding ownership of the invention, Fast Route & Tracker.  Determine which party should win and provide support for your answer.


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