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M1Discussion (original post)
Oct 25, 2012 at 1:11pm
Original Post: “After reading the case, assumeyou are a lawyer,  your client, a medical doctor has been approached by the parents of  a mentally retarded female child to medically sterilizethe child. She  comes to you for advice.  What would you advise thedoctor to do? Consider:1. the inherent powers of the court2. rights of the child3. obligations and wishes of the parents4. other issues discussed by the court
You, as a lawyer must be objective and NOT  insert your personal beliefsin the answer.  Use the IRAC analytical format to  respond to eachseparate issue you find (there are more issues than listed)”
CASE Assigned to Analyze:

Maria v. Hayes.pdf
 You may do additional internet research,  the search terms “Pillow Angel”  and ”Washington”  will be helpful.
Response Posts:Respond to another student thatgives advice different from yours. List why you think yours is correct or listhow you might modify your response based on their post.
Respond to the postsof at least 2 other students. 
It is preferred if youprepare your response in Word and upload the file.  Use spell and grammarcheck and have Word  check the document for readability before uploading(be advised that Word will not indicate an error if you use a word that is ananagram (“trail” instead of “trial”) or a homophone  see,  Please include the readabilityscore  with your submission.
To insure that the settings in Word  willgive you the readability statistics:
Go to “WordOptions”–“Proofing”–“when correcting spelling and grammarin Word” (make sure all boxes are checked, especially “showreadability statistics”) writing style should be “grammar andstyle”– finally in  “settings” check all boxes.
Click here for help on completing a Discussion Board post. See Calendar above for original post and response post duedates. Be sure that this course is selected in the side menu.
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