You must write an essay that is tied to some topic that we will be reading about and discussing over the course of the semester.
While your paper must be tied to the specific issues of the course, you will have some latitude in how you approach this assignment. One possibility would, of course, be for you to elaborate some more on the details of an issue that we focus on directly. Or, if you wish, you could focus on a related current issue that has been in the news and then compare, contrast or discuss that specific issue in the context of the arguments made in the readings for the course.
Please address these questions:
Ethics vs Morals?
What is the role of ethics in the legal system?
Is it okay for a judge to use personal morals instead of legal ethics to make decisions?
Talk about the roles of a Utilitarian, Kantian, Virtue Ethicist, and Rights Theorist. Tie this into business and society. How do these roles play a part in the legal system?
How does normative and descriptive morals clash in the legal system? What difficulties are there?
Which is more important in the legal system, ethics or morals?

AT LEAST 4 SOURCES (Should include sources by Dan Ariely)

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