ISEM 500: Homework1 (Warm Up & Readiness Test)

Important Information:

Total Points: 100 (Report Plus Exam1)
This is an Individual Assignment (not a team).

Note for Non-ISEM students: Please review your own program materials instead of ISEM.
The purpose of this homework and Exam1 is to make sure that you are ready for this course and also for the academic life at HU. Specifically, it will make sure that you are fully aware of the HU Environment, the ISEM Program, and basic concepts of IS planning of digital enterprises. It involves the following activities:

Read the course syllabus and purchase the Course pack to download the textbook plus access to SPACE Lab
Carefully read the materials about Plagiarism
Carefully read the Documents about your Program posted on MyHU, Academic Tab -> Forms/Documents à MS Degree Programs. If you are an ISEM student, you will find info)more useful. Please see Figure1.

Post your brief background (degrees, industry experience, academic areas of interest) on Introduce YourselfForum).
Join a team for team projects (a suggested list of teams will be posted in the DISCUSSION FORUM)
Prepare a report that answers the questions presented below.
Please review the postings on the Discussion Forum to share ideas and approaches for completing HW1. Specifically, select at least two postings and make “substantive” comments by comparing your approach from theirs and what did you learn from it.
Refine the report if you want and use it to prepare for Exam1. Exam1 is worth 90% points. The HW1 report is just used as a preparation tool, you will fail EXAM1 if you do not prepare the Report.

Step-by-Step Readiness Test for Success:
PROBLEM 1: Understanding the HU Academic Environment
PART A: Read the Plagiarism material posted on Moodle site and Answer the following questions:

What is plagiarism
What are the consequences of plagiarism at HU (e.g., grade of F and loss of CPT job and possible termination of student visa )
You can be dismissed from the University due to plagiarism (Yes/No)
Dismissal from HU due to plagiarism will stay on your record for the rest of your life (Yes/No).
Can you fail a course for multiple incidents of plagiarism (Yes/No)
How should reference source be properly documented in homework and project assignments?
Describe how and when paraphrasing and quotes should be used with in the content of homework and project assignments?
Should I give my homework assignments to a friend or fellow classmate to copy and submit as their own (Yes/No)
Should I borrow a completed or portions of a homework assignments from a friend or fellow classmate to copy and submit as my own (Yes/No)

PARTB B: Carefully read the ISEM documents posted on Figure1) or your Program documents posted on MyHUAcademic Tab (Forms and MS Degree Programs) and also the ISEM500 Syllabus. Thenanswer the following questions:

How many courses are required in your Program
List the names of a few courses in ISEM that you may want to take
List names of 10 courses that you find interesting
Is Capstone required for all MS students
The Capstone consists of how many semester hours (3, 6 or 9)
Can you do a Thesis or Applied Project in Capstone
What is the range of A grade in ISEM500
Is AI covered in ISEM500
How many homeworks, exams and projects are in ISEM500
Which session in ISEM500 is of most interest to you
Which session in ISEM500 is of least interest to you
Have you joined a team (yes, no) and what are the names of your team members.

MOST IMPORTANT: Please prepare your course plan (what courses do you plan to take in what semester). We will review this plan later for next semesterenrollment.
Figure 1: The ISEM Documents are on the site, section “ISEM Information”
PROBLEM 2: Understanding Digital Enterprises and Computer Aided Planning
Review the Umar Book Chapter1 on “Digital Enterprises” (Section 1.3 through 1.5) and Chapter 2 on “IT Planning” (Section 2.3 through 2.6). Based on this information, develop a sketch of an IT Plan for the Sample Enterprise described in Exhibit1. Specifically your plan should show the following:

The overall goal of the company (who are the company’s ideal industry leaders, does the company want to be a manufacturer)
A general business strategy (2-3 sentences)
Should the NGE model be adopted by this company?
An application plan that supports the business strategy (3-4 sentences)
An IT architecture diagram should include the computers, the databases, and the network shows how they are interconnected.This diagram should put all the pieces together and show how they are interconnected and accessed.
Brief cost-benefit analysis for automation used in the proposed IT plan (please use the simple approach suggested in Chapter2.)
Goto the SPACE Site (, then goto Games Section and play at least two games in the “Learning Games” section. Specifically, please play the “Cost-Benefit Analysis Game” and one more. Please note the two games that you played and clearly show yourLogin ID (No PW is needed) that you used to play the two games. Note: Please use your own login ID to play the games. If you use someone else’s ID, then that person will get the credit, not you.

PROBLEM 3: Understanding Project1
Read Project1 Description posted on Moodle and answer the following questions:

Is the primary focus of Project1 on technology or business
How many attachments are in Project1 Description.
Your deliverable is a powerpoint deck with annotations and explanations (Yes/No)
You need to specify the reference sources used to research and complete the assignment (Yes/No)
You need to list all team members and their effort (percentage contribution) for the completion of the project assignment (Yes/No).
Can a team submit multiple files (Yes/No).
How are Project Assignments to be submitted for grading?
When is it appropriate to email the project deliverable to the professor?
Should I upload artifacts I created for Project 1 into class discussion forums (Yes/No)


Prepare a short (3-5 page) MS Word report that should contain these answers. You must use the posted documents, slides with voice annotations , the tutorials, and any other resources available on the Net to develop this report. The report is worth only 5 points. You need to post it on Discussion Forum so that others can also see it, comment on it, and benefit from your wisdom.

Exhibit 1: Sample Enterprise – Dave’s Digital Store (DDS)

Dave has a small business in Chicago. He started selling PCs and electronic equipment in the early 2000s, mainly doing repairs and reselling. He has been doing very well and has opened several stores that are now assembling brand new PCs. Buoyed by his success, he is now diversifying into a wide range of related products (e.g., software, video games, and wireless hardware/software). Dave especiallywants to exploit the opportunities in wireless communications. He currently has 100 employees and is partnering with others to strengthen business. His plans are:

Next year design, tailor, sell, and repair brand new handsets and other mobile devices at large scale. He expects to triple the size of his company next year.
In two years, he wants to diversify into a wide range of related products (e.g., mobile device software, smart phones, business games, and wireless networking hardware/software).
He is exploring other opportunities to grow his business. He is looking for ideas.

He is partnering with retail stores and manufacturers in the surrounding areas (he wants to stay closer to a retail model — he wants to be like Staples) and does not want to get into heavy duty manufacturing, wants his partners to do manufacturing). The parts and components will be brought in from suppliers located in the Far East.Healso acquired a chain store that sells the custom built devices and computers that are built and repaired at partner sites.
He has so far stayed away from using the technology he sells (other than using the telephone). But he has been attending management seminars on use of IT in business. He does not completely understand it but he is convinced that it is something very good (they would’nt be teaching courses in this area if it was not good!). In addition, he is completing his MBA on a part-time basis and cannot wait to put everything he is learning about business to work. He is thinking big. He wants to be like Dell and Compaq. His goal is to eventually become a major digital corporation that will serve as a store front for multiple shops so that potential customers order a variety of products through him.He will receive the orders, and try to fill them, if he can. Otherwise, he will route the order to one of his business partners.
Hehas no idea how to get there from here. He wants to be aggressive but cautious. Basically, his goal is to double his business in 3 years by using IT in an innovative manner. He also wants to make his operations more efficient and less expensive. He has hired your group to help him out (he is not very bright, after all!). You basically have to show how information systems can be used for this company. This view should emphasize the business aspects and the type of business applications that the company should use, and what specifically will these applications do for the company.

EXHIBIT 2: Top 5 Reasons why you should buy ISEM500 Course Pack

It is the required text material for ISEM500
It has the text chapters that will be needed in your quizzes and projects
It will give you access to the SPACE tool for hands-on experiments (these experiments are 30% of your grade)
The receipt for the course pack purchase can be used to show USCIS that you really did purchase the course text (I will NOT write letters to USCIS explaining why this course has no text). Please save this receipt (see ‘Example of H1B Request”)
You will have a happier life and will get better checkup at your dentist


It may take 3-4 business days to clear digital checks, etc. Please purchase the course-pack at least a week before the assignment is due.
Free access to Space is not available at present. Please purchase the Coursepack as specified on Moodle to get access to SPACE
You will get 2 emails from Paypal. One gives the location for downloading the book, the other is for getting the SPACE credentials
If you do not get the 2 emails, pls check your Spam folders or junk mail folders because many accounts from gmail and yahoo end up as Spam.
If you cannot find any email from paypal, then plssignup for Space but show the Paypal Payment# in Comments field when you signup
If none of the above work, pls send an email to and indicate “SPACE Access Issues” in your email and it will be handled quickly.

From: xxxxxx Sent: Sunday, October 15, 2017 4:45 PMTo: Amjad Umar <>Subject: Space payment receipt for H1B Request for Evidence
Hello Professor,
I took ISEM 500 in spring 2017. With the course I bought space credentials for that quarter. Recently I got an H1B Request for evidence in which it requires book receipts evidence to be submitted.
I tried to access the linkprovided but it has no details in that. Please help me to retrieve my payment receipt.

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